Mixed Media


Blue Me


„Pale Blue Me“ is an experimental short film, in which the story is told through a combination of live action, 2D animation and visual effects.

One day Philomena, a young aspiring artist, finds a piece of artistic photography called the “Pale Blue Dot”. It’s a photograph of the earth taken from a distance of 6 billion kilometers. In it, earth appears as a tiny blue dot surrounded by the infinite universe and makes Philomena realize her insignificance. To fight against these feelings of invisibility, smallness, indifference, and futility, she proceeds to undertake a number of experiments. When she fails, she reaches a new low, plagued by isolation and self-doubt. Thanks however to a certain cosmic theory, she is able to discover her connection to the universe and gain new strength.

This film attempts to explore the position of us humans on earth in the universe. We as humans tend to falsely think that we have a privileged position and that we are the epitome of all things. To put it in Carl Sagan’s words: “The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena”.

This should not be a reason for desperation however, but should instead remind us that we ourselves are children of the universe. We are the products of stars that collapsed millions of years ago. Every form of life, earth and the entire cosmos, and, yes literally everything, comes from the cosmic dust of stars. Keeping this in mind can reassure us that we are part of something breathtakingly beautiful and infinitely great.

realized in 2017
My tasks: Story, Direction, Art Direction, Co-Producer, Animation




The 2D animations were created by either rotoscoping 3D animations or by frame by frame animation.


To create the cosmic liquid, we mixed and experimented with ink, oil, milk, glitter, nail polish remover, dish soap and some other liquids.